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Abbreviations used in these Conditions of Use are following:

Universal: Universal Tekstil San. ve Tic.Ltd.Sti.

Site: The website having the domain name

Visitor: General definition of all users and customers using the site.

Conditions of Use: Regulations regarding conditions of use and Confidentiality Policy arranged hereunder and which the website is subject to together with amendments to be made from time to time.

Confidentiality Policy: Regulations regarding confidentiality arranged under Conditions of Use.


1. Confidentiality:

The website you are visiting is run by UNIVERSAL TEXTILE. The Confidentiality Policy of UNIVERSAL TEXTILE aims to provide required information about for what purposes and how your data can be processed by UNIVERSAL TEXTILE and with whom they can be shared. UNIVERSAL TEXTILE undertakes to protect the personal confidentiality of visitors forwarding their personal data to UNIVERSAL TEXTILE through website, mobile applications or other electronic communication and sales channels and to use such data in accordance with Confidentiality Policy.

The website collects the log information of site visitors such as IP addresses, internet browser type, access times and uses web beacons (determining the number of visitors) and cookies.

UNIVERSAL TEXTILE does not sell, let out or use for any purposes other than stated hereunder the personal data submitted to this website by its visitors. The site respects the confidentiality rights of its users and keeps confidential any information given by the user through the site. UNIVERSAL TEXTILE cannot be held liable for any damages which may be given to any person or institutions by legal or illegal behaviors of third persons. Personal data can only be accessed by authorized UNIVERSAL TEXTILE personnel or our representatives who agreed to keep the information confidential. UNIVERSAL TEXTILE uses the statistical information (browser type, geographical location, age, gender etc.) without disclosing the persons in order to improve the website as a part of constant internal review process; to generally learn more about consumers of our products. Such information is not disclosed to third persons by UNIVERSAL TEXTILE. We advise you to view UNIVERSAL TEXTILE Confidentiality Policy on your each visit to this website and each use of mobile applications, because as you use the website or mobile applications, it is deemed that you have read, understood and agreed the latest version of UNIVERSAL TEXTILE Confidentiality Policy including any amended conditions. When you access and use the website, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed the Conditions of Use. If you disagree with the site conditions, you should not use the site. As soon as you access and enter into the site, you are deemed to accept these Conditions of Use.

You are also deemed to agree the matters stated in Confidentiality Policy and allow UNIVERSAL TEXTILE on such matters when you use the UNIVERSAL TEXTILE internet site, mobile applications and other communication channels or buy or use any products or services provided by UNIVERSAL TEXTILE over any sales channel.

2. Non-Personal and Compiled Information:

When you visit the site, information such as pages you visited at the site, each page, information form and the time you spent on the application are recorded. The reason to keep such information is stated below.

Managing, protecting and improving the site and system;

Understanding the choices of site visitors better;

Detecting the server issues;

Compiling the statistics collected regarding the use of site;

Helping to personalize your experience about our site.

3. Collecting, Processing and Protecting the Personal Data:

UNIVERSAL TEXTILE acts as a data controller in accordance with the provisions of Law on Protecting the Personal Data no: 6698 and your personal data are saved by UNIVERSAL TEXTILE and the data controller operating in the name of UNIVERSAL TEXTILE as per terms stated hereunder, they are kept and updated when there are reasons to process them, they are shared with third persons in Turkey and abroad, and they can be processed via other methods stated in the Law.

UNIVERSAL TEXTILE will use your Personal Data such as your name, surname, occupation, address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address, other communication details, information on invoicing and payment methods, product order information, information on your personal interests, your information you give to our employees in line with your requests and complaints about products and services, information on your usage of website, mobile applications and other communication channels, your choices on products or services or your past experiences only for the special purpose they are collected based on your express consent or in cases allowed by legal regulations.

In order to protect all of your personal data you share with UNIVERSAL TEXTILE, required administrative and technical measures are taken.


The Reason to Process Personal Data

Your Personal Data will be collected and processed for the following purposes:

  • To send you information and/or offer about products and/or services considered to attract your interest,

  • To analyze about how you use the website, mobile applications and other communication and sales channels and to customize the communication channels for you to provide services better to you,

  • To research and develop products, services and your personal preference opportunities regarding them,

  • To communicate with you through communication means you share with UNIVERSAL TEXTILE directly or via service providers rendering services for such purpose for market search,

  • To determine your product choices and to create and share contents to inform you,

  • Activities to improve the functionality of website such as data analysis, safety, test, service development, improvement or amendment, determination of usage trends,

  • To conduct customer services activities on matters such as products or services you purchase, request or obtaining information, suggestion and complaint,

  • To share promotions, announcements and opportunities you may be interested.

The said information may be shared with other companies, business partners, employees, service providers under UNIVERSAL TEXTILE.

In case any personal data is captured by third persons regardless of precautions to protect your personal data, the situation is immediately informed by UNIVERSAL TEXTILE to you and to the Board of Personal Data Protection.

Transfer of Personal Data

Personal data collected in our Company may be transferred to following persons and institutions with confidentiality agreements for certain purposes:

  • To our suppliers, and to Universal Tekstil San. ve Tic.Ltd.Sti. and its group companies to determine and apply business strategies of our Company,

  • To our shareholders,

  • To legally authorized public bodies and private persons as well as public authorities when it is compulsory to explain to public authorities as per provisions of mandatory regulations under terms and purposes to process personal data which are stated in Articles 8 and 9 of the Law on Protection of Personal Data.

Rights of Personal Data Owners

Applying to UNIVERSAL TEXTILE at all times, you have the right;

  1. to learn whether your personal data are processed or not,

  2. to request information if your personal data are processed,

  3. to learn the purpose of processing your personal data and whether they are used in accordance with the relevant purpose,

  4. to know about third persons to whom your personal data is transferred in Turkey and abroad,

  5. to request for the correction of your personal data, in case they are processed deficiently or incorrectly, ,

  6. to demand your personal data to be deleted or made anonymous provided that the reasons to process your personal data cease to be. ,

  7. to request the transactions conducted under sub-paragraphs (d) and (e) or article 11 of Law on Protecting the Personal Data to be informed to third persons to whom personal data are transferred,

  8. to object to any result arising against the person itself upon analyzing the processed data exclusively by automatic systems,

  9. to demand indemnification of damages in case the person is damaged because of illegally processing the personal data.

Application to Data Controller

You can send your demands under your rights stated above in writing to the Universal Tekstil San. ve Tic.Ltd.Sti.  at Ikitelli OSB Mah. Eski Turgut Ozal Cad. No:22 D 34306 Basaksehir-Istanbul, Turkey or through e-mail to

As per relevant legislation, it is obligatory to include in your applications;

  1. Name, surname and your signature if your application is in writing,

  2. Turkish ID number for Turkish citizens, nationality and passport number or ID number if any for foreign persons,

  3. Your residing address or business address for delivery of letters,

  4. Your electronic mail address if any, telephone and fax numbers subject to notice,

  5. The subject of request.


Method and Legal Reason of Collecting Personal Data

Your personal data are collected under sub-paragraphs (c), (ç), (e) and (f), paragraph 2, Article 5 of Law on Protecting the Personal Data in line with aforementioned processing purposes, via partial or whole automatic or non-automatic methods, digital, electronic or written methods.

4. Cookies:

Cookies are small data files placed into your computer by internet web server through your browser. When there is a connection between your browser and the server, the site recognizes you through cookies. The reason to use cookies is to provide facility for the user visiting the website.

When you visit our website, it sends cookie to your computer and cookies cannot provide data from your computer’s memory or from cookie files created by other web pages. Cookies do not harm your system. UNIVERSAL TEXTILE may use the cookies to collect data such as special site areas you visit and services you had in our website. This application facilitates your repeated visits to our website. You may not accept cookies or have your computer to warn you when a cookie is sent by changing the settings of your internet browser. When you set your browser settings to default, generally you accept all cookies. If you refuse cookies, applications you will see in our website and other websites may decrease and some features may not work as desired.

5. Data Safety:

Proper physical, electronic and methodological procedures protecting the data collected through site and providing its safety are applied to prevent unauthorized access to our site, to carry on data accuracy and to provide correct use of information. Despite all terms, UNIVERSAL TEXTILE does not guarantee that personal data cannot be obtained through illegal ways from UNIVERSAL TEXTILE systems and in case UNIVERSAL TEXTILE’s online services are used, you are deemed to accept all risks and responsibilities which may arise in our systems including the safety flaw risk.

Your data are kept only required for necessities of our business processes or legal obligations.

6. Safety of Children:

UNIVERSAL TEXTILE does not aim to collect detectable personal data from persons under 18 years of age without the consent of their parents. Any part of the site is not designed to attract the attention of persons under 18 years of age.


7. Connections:

This site may contain links to other websites whose contents are not controlled by UNIVERSAL TEXTILE. Such websites which are linked may include conditions different from confidentiality provisions stated under such Conditions of Use. UNIVERSAL TEXTILE is not responsible for compiling, using or disclosing personal data which may be collected by such websites. UNIVERSAL TEXTILE is not responsible for direct or indirect damages, losses and expenses which may arise out of any fault, deduction, delay in information transfer, computer virus, line and electricity fault which may occur during use of the site. In the same manner, when link to UNIVERSAL TEXTILE site is given from other websites whether or not UNIVERSAL TEXTILE allows it, UNIVERSAL TEXTILE does not have any liability for the fact that such links cannot be controlled. When you use any of such links, since confidentiality provisions and terms of UNIVERSAL TEXTILE system will be valid, all responsibilities which may arise out of our access of liked websites, their contents, your use of such sites and the information you give will entirely be incumbent upon you.

8. Conditions of Using the Website:

Copyrights of this website belong to Universal Tekstil San. ve Tic.Ltd.Sti. (UNIVERSAL TEXTILE). The right to access to site is granted to users to obtain personal data and product promotions.

Written, visual, audio contents, design, information, computer programs or other elements accessed in this website cannot be partially or wholly copied, reproduced, distributed, published, changed, added or deducted, be used for commercial purposes, be quoted via any method without written consent of UNIVERSAL TEXTILE . Quotes from this website upon obtaining written consent must be used together with the expression “belongs to Universal Tekstil San. ve Tic.Ltd.Sti.”.

Care is taken to provide correctness and actuality of information provided in this website. However, UNIVERSAL TEXTILE does not accept responsibility for damages and problems which may arise due to inaccuracy of the information in this site or using thereof for purposes other than stated herein.

There are non-public areas on this website. The said areas may be entered via special access code. It constitutes a crime if unauthorized persons obtain, read, copy, reproduce, distribute, publish information in these areas and use programs partially or wholly, as is or by changing them via any method.

Persons who are authorized to enter into the said areas have obtained only personal access and usage authority of information and programs in such areas. It constitutes a crime if such persons disclose to unauthorized persons and to have such persons used the same, copy, reproduce, distribute and publish the said information and programs partially or wholly, as is or by changing them via any method.

UNIVERSAL TEXTILE reserves the right to file criminal complaints and take legal action against the offenders who commit actions stated herein that constitute crime.

9. Changes the Conditions of Use:

UNIVERSAL TEXTILE reserves the right to change the Conditions of Use at all times without giving any notification or stating any reason.

Any disputes which may arise out of UNIVERSAL TEXTILE Conditions of Use are subject to the laws of Turkish Republic and Istanbul courts and execution offices are authorized for the settlement of disputes.