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This “Clarification Text” is prepared for the employee relatives, trainee relatives, parents, shareholders, suppliers, supplier employees/officials, potential purchasers of products or services, employees/officials of the people, who purchase the products or services, visitors, whose personal data processed by us.

As Universal Tekstil San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti (hereinafter referred to the "Company"), we want to inform you about the processing of your personal data and your related rights under the Personal Data Protection Law No.6698 (hereinafter referred to "Personal Data Protection Law").

I-          Data Supervisor

The Company operates at its website at, at its head office located in Ikitelli OSB Mahallesi Eski Turgut Ozal Cd. No: 22/D Basaksehir/Istanbul and at its plant located in Velimese OSB. Mah. 117 Sok. No:6/1 Ergene/Tekirdag. We process your personal data containing criminal convictions and security measures, finance, physical space security, visual and audio records, legal transaction, communication, transaction security, identity, professional experience, customer transaction, personal and health data as a data supervisor under the Personal Data Protection Law.

II- Purpose of Processing the Personal Data  

Your personal data will be processed for purposes of carrying out the emergency management processes, carrying out the information security processes, carrying out the employee candidate/trainee/student selection and placement processes, fulfilling any obligations under the employment contracts and legislation for employees, carrying out the processes for the fringe rights and benefits of the employees, conducting the training activities, conducting the activities in accordance with legislation, conducting any financial and accounting affairs, providing  a physical space security, carrying out the appointment processes, monitoring and conducting any legal affairs, performing any communication activities, planning the human resources processes, conducting the  occupational health/safety activities, conducting any business sustainability activities, carrying out the logistics activities, carrying out the goods/service procurement processes, carrying out the goods/service sales processes, carrying out the customer relations management processes, performing the organization and effectiveness management, carrying out the  performance evaluation processes, carrying out the risk management processes, carrying out the contract processes, carrying out the supply chain management processes, conducting the marketing processes of products/services, providing the security of the data supervisor’s operations, performing the work and residence permit procedures for the foreign employees, informing the authorized persons, institutions and organizations, and carrying out the management activities.

III-        The Persons, To Whom the Processed Personal Data Will Be Communicated and Purpose of

Communicating It

Your personal data may be shared with our suppliers, consisting of lawyers, accounting bureau, shipping and customs consultancy companies for purposes of fulfilling the legal obligations, providing the business sustainability with the public authorities and institutions, conducting en employment contract with an independent audit company that conducts social compliance audits for employees, fulfilling the obligations under the employment contracts and legislation for employees, conducting the goods/service procurement/sales processes, service, carrying out any communication, logistics, finance and accounting works, and monitoring any legal proceedings.   

IV-        Personal Data Collection Method and Legal Reason

Your personal data is obtained verbally, in written or in electronic media upon an express consent for any legal reasons such as performing the legal obligations specified in articles 5 and 6 of the Personal Data Protection Law, complying the legislation, conducting a contract, protecting the legal  benefits of the data supervisor. In this scope, your personal data is processed by non-automatic means such a phone call, face-to-face communication, conducting a contract, issuing an invoice, etc. and ny automatic means through the camera recording system and e-mail transmission in common areas and work areas.

V-         Our Companies Pursuant to article 11 of the Personal Data Protection Law

Pursuant to article 11 of the Personal Data Protection Law, article 11 and article 13, clause 1 of the Personal Data Protection Law and the Notice of Application Methods  and Procedures, you may communicate your request on your rights under the title “Rights of the related person” by completing all information set forth in the Application Form and

a-) by visiting the head office of our company located in “Ikitelli OSB Mahallesi Eski Turgut Ozal Cd. No: 22/D Basaksehir/Istanbul” or our plant located in Velimese OSB. Mah. 117 Sok. No:6/1 Ergene/Tekirdag;  

b-) In written via a notary public or by sending a registered letter to the head office of our company to determine your identity and not to inform and incorrect people; and

c-) By forwarding an electronic mail to “” by using the electronic mail address communicated to our Company and entered  in our systems or by other methods to be designated by the Board in the future.

Your requests in your application will be concluded free of charge within at least thirty days depending on the nature of the requests. However, if the transaction requires an additional cost, the fee may be charged in the tariff determined by the Personal Data Protection Board in the Notice on Application Procedures and Principles for the Data Supervisor.