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The aim of Energy Management is to provide information on energy resources. As new energy sources become available, successful global efforts to conserve energy will reduce energy costs and help reduce air pollution and global destruction.

In accordance with the purpose of the organization, it is to be a pioneer and accept duty in the efficient use of energy in the textile sector and reducing environmental impacts.

1. By setting appropriate goals and objectives and reviewing and implementing them,
2. Providing all information and resources to achieve the goals and objectives,
3. We will comply with internal and external legal requirements in energy efficiency, energy use and energy consumption,
4. We will ensure continuous improvement without compromising production and quality,
5. One of our evaluation criteria in purchasing products and services will be energy efficiency,
6. We will ensure that designs that support energy efficiency are created and that this issue is supported,
7. We will leave a livable world to future generations by taking the necessary precautions on greenhouse gas and global warming, and following a sustainable policy,
8. By providing continuous training to our employees, raising awareness about energy efficiency and saving will be increased,
9. To review the policy at regular intervals and update it when necessary.